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A sound collage at Innerpeffray Chapel

JULY 29- AUG 2, 2015

Paul Bright at Incantations Installation, Innerpeffray Chapel, July 2015

Paul Bright was one of my professors at Wake Forest and one of my biggest mentors. I took his class on collage and was instantly gripped. Who knew I would really take to “one man’s junk is another’s re old posters, cardboard cereal boxes, recipes and old hand written notes could make such an interested medium to work with.  Paul has now moved from paper collage to also working with sound. He is a an artist who takes ours surroundings and manipulates them to produce an interesting narrative of those mundane and often ignored elements of our everyday lives. Incantations was one of Paul’s sound collage which is easiest to explain in regards to his paper collages.  He takes sounds like people take pictures, and collects them to create his sound collages. They are an segway and an even more ambiguous approach to collage because it is not something physical and it is not like looking at a painting (similar to his collages). Paul makes his sound collages by walking around with a reordering device and microphone on the end. He will simply pull the mic out when he want to record. I remember setting up Incantations at Innerpeffray Chapel and the sheep in the neighboring field took an interest to Paul’s microphone – so undoubtably we will hear an echoing of those funny sounds sheep make in Pau’s next piece.  Paul was drawn to the location of Innerpeffray Chapel for Incantations because it is an empty space with very a minimalist feel – as we called it a space with no distractions. This is what is most important for Paul’s sound collages because it is necessary for the listener to zone into the sounds without anything visual. We encouraged our listeners to listen twice – as what most often happens with a first time listener they often want to label what sounds are what and try and create a story to go with the sounds, but what it more important is to listen to the sound and think of those sounds outside of their source, and as a whole hearing abstraction.

Paul Bright is an inspiration to those artists who find it difficult to continue making while working their everyday job. Paul is currently the director of Hane’s Gallery at Wake Forest University and has exhibited his sound and paper collages all over the world including the USA, Canada, and Europe.

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Installation images of Incantations at Innerpeffray: please click here.

Our Location: The Innerpeffray Chapel.

AN AUTUMN FEAST by Ror’s Kitchen and Barnacles and Bones 

A secrete location pop-up restaurant

Oct 30, 31, Nov 1, 2015

Interior of An Autumn Feast pop-up restaurant, Oct 2015

Wow – was this fun or what… there is nothing more I enjoy than ripping apart a room and putting a bunch of nails in the wall, getting wild with blackboard paint, and going to town with foraged foliage to create the ultimate shabby-chi setting for a pop-up restaurant. We ripped the doors of their hinges and made tressels out of free pallets we found on gum tree. Anything we could recycle and use we turned it into something functional. Oh, and no use having an empty bathtub, we transformed it into a leave bathtub with fun puns. (check out the photos!)

Ror’s Kitchen brought the goods to the table with Ruaraidh Menzie’s delivering a seriously creative menu consisting of confit partridge legs in a barley burrito with elderberry sour cream and celeriac salsa. And Hal Prescott from Barnacles and Bone’s made a rich and creamy seafood Termidor, which was to die for.

The aim of the game was to bring Ror’s Kitchen and Barnacles and Bones to collaborate over a pop-up restaurant and get the Edinburgh folks interested. And it was an excuse for myself to really get creative and completely design the look of the space, which I have to say I totally enjoyed.

Even though the roof leaked, the oven didn’t work, and we were missing window panes, oh and the loo broke we totally conquered Newtown with a real buzzing vibe over good food and interesting company. The highlight of the weekend was getting total strangers to talk to one another and experience a whole new eating experience.

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Images from the night: click here.


SILK ROUTE CYCLE by Tess Monteith

Exhibition at Scone Palace.

Tess Monteith’s Traveling Sketchbook, Karalpak Dessert, March 2015

Tess Monteith is an extraordinary woman. Looking for a challenge Tess decided to embark on her most challenging adventure yet. She and her daughter decided to cycle from Shanghai to Venice along the Silk Route. Francesca (Tess’s daughter) is studying in China and writing her doctorate on Buddhist iconography from the early Tang dynasty, so naturally, to get to know if exceptional well Francesca along with her mum thought they would get to know the route on the back of their bicycles. Not only would they do this as a personal challenge they did it to raise money for our Scottish Air Ambulance Charity.

Tess has a interesting background as an artist – she has a family history of traveling artists so naturally thing has happened. She painted the entire way form Shanghai to Venice, scenes of Mongolia, Uzbekistan Chinese monuments, and Islamic architecture are clearly portrayed in her “wee” sketchbook. As she showed the sketchbook to me – she said “it is quite amazing that this sketchbook is still in one piece”, and I couldn’t not agree with her, this little sketchbook has had quite the life. It had a very well travelled look about it. But nonetheless, Tess has replicated all of these scenes – which of what she has produced is only a pinch of what she really saw.

For Tess Montieth’s written diary of her adventure:  Blog 

A few examples of her work: click here .


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